Queensland to see electricity demand increase

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The state of Queensland will be the first Australian region to experience a shortfall in electricity supply according to a new report from the Chamber of Commerce & Industry Queensland (CCIQ).

CCIQ conducted the investigation to provide recommendations regarding the sunshine state's energy infrastructure for the near future.

Recent concerns have been voiced from businesses who are struggling with rising electricity prices and the reliability of service.

Compared to other states, the report estimates that Queensland will be the first to reach a shortage in electricity supply in 2013-14.

Figures show that this gap will continue to widen by 2020 unless measures are put in place to maintain reliable energy capacity.

The report has recommended "significant new generation over the next five to ten years" including an additional 726 megawatts of local capacity by the end of 2014.

It states: "This presents a significant challenge given the long lead and development times required for such significant infrastructure developments in the state."

Changes to infrastructure may result in a rise in service prices, as the costs of upgrades could be passed on to consumers.

Queenslanders may benefit by comparing the electricity suppliers in their region in order to see if they can switch and save on their bills.