Queensland parliament passes early termination bill

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New legislation is set to ensure Queensland residents have more freedom when it comes to choosing an electricity supplier, and minister for energy and water supply Mark McArdle is encouraging people to shop around for the best deal.

The new Electricity (Early Termination) Amendment Bill, passed through state parliament last week, officially prevents energy retailers from charging early termination fees to consumers who wish to cancel their current market contracts because of charges increasing above notified prices.

"It provides greater flexibility and a safeguard for customers to shop around, do their sums and switch to a new market contract retailer, or revert to the standard regulated tariff, if that’s what they want to do," said Mr McArdle Friday (July 20).

"A climate of rising electricity prices has reinforced the Newman Government’s steely determination to address cost of living concerns."

Households and small businesses who were informed that their prices would be increasing, and wish to take advantage of the legislation to cancel their market contract without paying a fee, have until August 16 to do so.

Mr McArdle has recommended that consumers contact their electricity supplier to discuss their current contract and find out all the options available to them.

Posted by Charlie Moore