Queensland government encourages residents to shop around

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The Queensland government is encouraging residents to shop around for a better deal in order to reduce the impact of rising electricity prices.

To assist with that process, energy and water supply minister Mark McArdle today (July 9) announced the release of a comparison table of some electricity suppliers in the state.

"Shining a brighter light on retail prices will help people find the best deal, increase competitive tension between retailers and help Queenslanders recognise they are not powerless in exercising their choice," said Mr McArdle.

Queensland residents who want to ensure they are getting the best possible rate from their electricity supplier might also consider a third-party electricity comparison check, which can provide all the relevant information they need to make an informed decision.

According to Mr McArdle, the only increase Queenslanders should be seeing on the Standard Residential Tariff should be as a result of the carbon tax.

"If people see other increases they aren’t happy with, they can now more easily vote with their feet," Mr McArdle added.

The Queensland government is also planning to consider a new bill which will forbid electricity suppliers from setting contract cancellation fees, a move that will hopefully make it even easier to find a better deal on utility prices. 

Posted by Charlie Moore