Queensland Cost of Living Bill aims to assist struggling households

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For many Queensland families it can be a struggle just to find the funds to pay the monthly utility bills, let alone dealing with the cost of food, clothing and transportation.

However help may be on the way, with the passing of a new Cost of Living Bill on Tuesday (June 19).

Changes brought on by the legislation include the reinstatement of the transfer duty home concession, an increase in the payroll tax exemption threshold for businesses from $1 million to $1.1 million and a freezing of the standard electricity tariff.

“This bill ... shows just how committed we are to reducing cost of living pressure for families and providing relief for small businesses,” said state treasurer Tim Nicholls.

The bill is part of the Newman government's election promise to help lessen financial pressure on struggling Australian families in the face of rising gas and electricity prices, which are set to come into effect on July 1 when the new carbon tax is introduced.

MP for Mackay Tim Mulherin took time during second reading of the Cost of Living Bill on June 7 to speak out against the carbon tax.

"Despite the posturing and promised compensation, the federal Labor government’s carbon tax will unquestionably add to the burdens recklessly imposed on Queenslanders by the former state Labor government."

Posted by Charlie Moore