QLD premier not convinced of electricity sell-off

Queensland premier Campbell Newman has admitted that despite the fact he hasn't read an audit of his state's finances, he doesn't believe electricity assets should be sold off as per the report's recommendations.

Mr Newman said that he has doubts over selling off poles and wires and that he is going to have to be convinced, the ABC reports.

The assessment of the state of the Queensland economy was made by former federal treasurer Peter Costello, whose full document has only been released to the premier and treasurer.

Only the executive summary has been released publicly, with the rest not being published for two months. Even cabinet ministers must wait until next week to see the full scope of the assessment.

Meanwhile Ray Hopper, Queensland leader of the Australian Party, has called for subsidies to be made to the state's bill payers if electricity prices rise after electricity assets have been sold.

He said that the subsidies should come from the windfall of the sale.

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Posted by Charlie Moore