QLD pensioners 'can't afford electricity and gas prices'

Queensland's pensioners are being hit hard by electricity and gas prices under the Liberal National Party state government.

This is according to Jenny Macklin, federal minister for families and community services, who said around 1,000 pensioners and concession card holders in Queensland have been cut off from energy suppliers because they are unable to meet bills.

She noted that this situation will only get worse under an Abbott government, claiming 3.5 million Australian pensioners could be adversely affected by future prices of gas and electricity.

The politician cited a recent article in the Courier Mail, which included the concerns of 80-year-old Brisbane resident Maida Lilley, who said pensioners across the state are worried about paying their electricity bills.

Ms Macklin said: "Tony Abbott has promised to scrap Labor's Clean Energy Supplement - which is delivering more than $350 extra a year for single pensioners and $530 extra a year for pensioner couples."

"Under an Abbott government, $1 billion a year in pension payments will be axed – including more than $210 million a year from Queensland pensioners."

Ms Macklin claimed Labor reforms in 2009 have ensured the maximum pension rate for singles has been raised to $207 every two weeks, while couples can benefit from $236 a fortnight.

Posted by Callum Fleming