QLD MP angry at carbon tax for flood-affected council areas

For the parts of Queensland still involved in the clean-up after Cyclone Yasi may have to bear the cost of the carbon tax after its commencement this July.

Hinchinbrook MP and Queensland minister for natural resources and mines Andrew Cripps voiced his disappointment today (May 22) that communities already struggling with electricity prices will have to pay for the waste created by the cyclone through council rates.

"The utter insensitivity of the Gillard government not to allow an exemption for councils impacted by natural disasters when the carbon tax begins on 1 July this year means that the waste bills of ratepayers in cyclone-affected communities will skyrocket," he asserted.

Under the legislation of the carbon tax, waste disposal facilities that emit 25,000 tonnes of carbon or more annually will be taxed at $23 per tonne.

Mr Cripps questioned the reasoning behind the federal government's decision to burden communities involved in cleaning up with more financial pressure.

"Why should councils and ratepayers in North Queensland be slugged with a higher tax simply because they were unfortunate enough to be in the path of a category 5 cyclone?"

Posted by Charlie Moore