QLD minister discusses energy issues with Toowoomba mayor

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Ensuring growth in the Toowoomba Regional Council area through shoring up water and energy supplies was on the agenda when the Queensland energy minister met with the local mayor yesterday (February 27).

Minister Mark McArdle has been touring parts of Queensland to discuss with local leaders the energy issues that directly affect them - such as electricity prices and water supplies.

Mr McArdle explained that during his meeting with Toowoomba mayor Paul Antonio, it was discussed how the area was the gateway to the Darling Downs, and the energy and water ramifications that arise.

He said: "There are also some major changes which will happen in the Toowoomba CBD over the next few years and an emerging industry area at Charlton Wellcamp that will serve the broader region.

"We must start effective planning for the future so we can maximise the benefits for this region, and I appreciate the opportunity to discuss the region with cr Paul Antonio."

Mr Antonio said that the council was enjoying a constructive relationship with the government to solve issues related to the area.

The state government's 30 Year Water Plan for Queensland was discussed, in addition to the local issues of supplying water to an area which is on top of a hill.

Posted by Charlie Moore