QLD kindergartens to welcome lower electricity prices

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A number of kindergartens throughout Queensland could soon benefit from reduced electricity prices through the Solar Kindergarten Installation Program.

The first round of funding for the program proved successful, with new applications now being welcomed for the next round.

Education minister Cameron Dick explained that there are various benefits to solar power, including its positive environmental impact and potential savings on utility bills.

Initial estimates suggest that kindergartens could save as much as $500 a year on their current electricity prices, which can be spent elsewhere on improving learning resources for children.

"All these solar installations could generate enough energy to power about 125 Queensland homes and save 877 tonnes of carbon emissions every year, equivalent to taking up to 200 cars off the road," said Mr Dick.

Nigel Morris, head of consulting firm Solar Business Services, said there has so far the government's solar photovoltaic program has had little effect on electricity prices.

He told reneweconomy.com.au that a 2011 report from the Australian Energy Market Commission showed that customers were paying an additional 0.03c/kWh on their electricity bills.

This is in addition to the 3c/kWh added to bills to help pay for the transmission costs.

Posted by Charlie Moore