QLD gov't scrap water heater law

In a boon for those who are currently building a home, the Queensland government has scrapped laws pertaining to the compulsory installation of certain hot water systems.

Housing minister Tim Mander announced that it is no longer required by owners to install rainwater tanks and gas, solar or heat pump hot water systems.

Mr Mander said that this former requirement was a drag on the construction industry and added an extra $5,000 to the cost of building a home.

"Taken in conjunction with the $15,000 first home owner's grant for new dwellings, that's a massive saving for anyone planning on building a new home.

"People who want to install rainwater tanks or a particular type of hot water system can still do so. The difference is that the decision is now theirs to make."

He added that existing home owners would be allowed to replace their broken electric hot water systems with a similar model, which may be to the delight of electricity suppliers.

The minister said that replacing the electric systems with other ones, is often more expensive.

The Housing Industry Association has applauded this move, with its executive director Warwick Temby saying affordability will be boosted as a result.

Posted by Charlie Moore