QLD gov't repeals Daintree Policy

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Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle says that repealing the government's Daintree Policy on electricity will be a boon for all in the region.

In announcing the end of the 12-year policy, the minister said it will provide new options for residential consumers and businesses, as well as boost the tourism and environmental sector.

He commented: "Red tape has been hindering eco-tourism in the Daintree for more than a decade and this government is slashing that tape to drive growth.

"From now on, residents and businesses will be allowed to install their own isolated networks that can be used by more than one home or building."

In 2003, a consortium developed a plan for an isolated network but was stopped in its tracks by the now defunct Daintree Policy.

The state member for the Cook electorate, David Kempton, said that the previous method of running individual generators posed a greater cost to consumers, in addition to rising electricity prices - but by removing this burden on bill payers, the government is fulfilling an important electoral promise.

Mr McArdle clarified the announcement by mentioning that the government won't be paying for a new supply of energy to the area and that this change will take time as it's important the Daintree environment is protected.

Posted by Charlie Moore