QLD energy minister releases discussion paper

A directions paper released by Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle has examined how electricity prices will impact the public in the future.

The paper is open for public discussion and feedback, and will assist with developing a 30-year plan to create a cost-effective network.

The minister said: "The aim of developing a 30-Year Electricity Strategy is to focus not only on the issues of today, but to take a long-term view of the opportunities and challenges for the sector in the decades to come.

"Most major decisions for the electricity industry are made with a 30-year horizon in mind, so the decisions taken in the next few years will impact on prices for decades."

In addition to freezing the domestic tariff 11, the Newman government has tried to reduce the price burden on households by developing this three decade plan.

Mr McArdle added that this is due to the fact that so many things will evolve over this time period such as population growth, environmental issues and growing demand for energy.

He concluded by saying that the government is dedicated to solving the short-term issue of electricity prices and also committed to long term growth for a sustainable energy supply.