QLD energy minister promotes efficiency in the home

The Queensland energy minister has warned consumers to use their electrical appliances appropriately over the holidays.

Mark McArdle said often people often get shocked by their large power bill because of how they conduct themselves over the Christmas period.

Mr McArdle observed: "Celebrating the festive season by relaxing at home with family and friends, is part and parcel of the Australian way of life. However, it can leave households a nasty surprise on their next power bill.

"While every home is different, air-conditioning, refrigeration and swimming pool pumps can account for more than 75 per cent of a household’s electricity consumption."

The minister added that the use of things like bar fridges, sound systems, microwaves, televisions and a litany of other devices will compound on rising electricity prices.

He recommended that appliances be turned off at the wall rather than pressing standby - to save ten per cent. In addition to that, it minimises the risk of the appliance causing a fire if it malfunctions.

A second fridge should only be used over the Christmas period if you have extra visitors as it drains power  By turning it off when it isn't being used, consumers can save up to $200 a year.