QLD energy minister argues to keep assets in state hands

Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle says there is a strong case for keeping electricity assets in state hands.

This is despite a report by former federal treasurer Peter Costello, which recommended the sale of the assets to bolster the state's bottom line, according to the Australian Associated Press (AAP).

The minister explained that the next election would decide the future of the assets.

He said: "I believe there is a strong argument to indicate that holding these assets in state control and looking at better and long-term efficiencies is a solution that should not be thrown off the table."

The report, released last month, claimed that the assets aren't being managed appropriately, adding that private ownership would see a greater level of efficiency.

Last week, (March 1), Queensland treasurer Tim Nicholls echoed the sentiments of Mr McArdle, telling the AAP that a sale of assets will be brought before the people of Queensland at the next election.

He conceded that outsourcing services would not wait until the next election, but promised there would not be any more job losses.

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Posted by Charlie Moore