QLD: Cost of living reduction on the cards

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Managing the rising cost of living is a balancing act that many Australian families are finding increasingly difficult.

Making sure that your family is always ahead, taking into account rising electricity prices, other expenses for utilities, council rates and other considerations, can be a stressful exercise.

However, Queenslanders may be able to look forward to a reduction in household expenses, as the Newman government has pledged to make good on its election promise of less financial pressure on families.

The Cost Of Living Bill was approved this week (May 14) as part of the government's aim to reduce the impact of electricity, car registration, stamp duty and transport fares. 

Premier Campbell Newman said that the bill would help to boost the confidence of Queenslanders and would contribute toward his election promise to help average households save up to $330 per year.

"This is just the start of savings we’re working on to address the cost of living," he asserted.

The government's commitment to reduce household expenses include freezing standard domestic electricity tariffs, capping family car registration charges, halving scheduled public transport fare increases and reintroducing stamp duty concessions for the principal place of residence.

Posted by Charlie Moore