QLD bill payers urged to speak of energy impact

Queensland bill payers will have to wait until the beginning of the next financial year to find out how much more they will pay for electricity.

Fairfax reports that between now and July 1, residents will be able to submit their experiences with the energy market to the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) as part of its draft paper on electricity prices in conjunction with a wide ranging and comprehensive consultation process across the Sunshine State.

The QCA's chairman Brian Parmenter said that while they aren't able to directly influence pricing policy, he urged families and businesses to submit what impact higher electricity prices have had on them.

He commented: "We are trying to gather interested stakeholders to gauge a range of issues. There was a review last year that led to a restricting of the tariffs."

Mr Parmenter mentioned that typically tariffs rise each year in accordance with the increase in price of delivering electricity, but as a result of the former state government tariffs are now not reflecting that cost.

He said: "For some consumers, there were very significant changes, both upwards and downwards."

If you are not satisfied with your energy provider, talk to a comparison and switching service to investigate if there is a better deal out there for you.

Posted by Charlie Moore