QFF says rises to electricity prices will hurt

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The Queensland Farmers' Federation (QFF) has come out against the proposed rise in electricity prices, which are expected to jump by up to 21 per cent.

While QFF president Joanne Grainger conceded that the Queensland Competition Authority's (QCA) recommendations surrounding tariffs were helpful, she explained that no matter how you cut it, prices will go up.

She said: "The transitional tariffs will increase between 12.5 per cent and 21 per cent on July 1, depending on the tariff.

"These are steep increases for irrigation enterprises to cope with in 2013-14 and come on top of increases between ten per cent and 20 per cent this financial year."

Ms Grainger stated that most irrigation operations can expect a rise in power bills of at least 17.5 per cent.

Given the high electricity use of many of the state's intensive farms - a double-digit rise in a single year is "unsustainable", she said, and companies that can't pass on the cost will especially struggle.

Larger operations that will really feel the pinch include cotton, cane, fruit, nursery and aquaculture industries.

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Posted by Charlie Moore