QCA reports massive rises in power bills

In response to data released from the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) which showed that rooftop solar costs would add an additional $240 to a yearly power bill by 2015, the state energy minister Mark McArdle has committed himself and his government to act.

The Solar Bonus Scheme (SBS) is expected to peak in 2015-16 at more than 12 per cent of an annual electricity bill.

"The Newman Government acted quickly [when they came into power in 2012] to reduce the solar feed-in-tariff from 44 cents to 8 cents to minimise the cost of the Solar Bonus Scheme being passed on those members of the community who can least afford to pay for solar panels," he said.

The minister rebuked any claims that the current $0.44 feed in tariff will be stripped for those who are eligible.

McArdle criticised Labour and the Greens, saying that their constant parroting that green schemes reduce electricity prices have been debunked by this QCA analysis.

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By Charlie Moore