QCA releases report on solar feed-in tariffs

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A report entitled 'Estimating a fair and reasonable solar feed-in tariff for Queensland' was released on Friday (March 22) by the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA), and it detailed a number of recommendations on the issue.

One of which was de-regulating solar feed-in tariffs (FITs) across south-east Queensland, with the Newman government to consider all options on the issue.

State energy minister Mark McArdle explained that the QCA's findings identified a 17 per cent increase in electricity prices by 2015-16, as a result of the previous Labor government's Solar Bonus Scheme.

He said: "The QCA in this report have acknowledged that it is wrong that people who are least able to afford to pay for electricity are subsidising customers enjoying the benefits of the Solar Bonus Scheme."

The report found there was a disparity in regards to who is actually paying for energy in Queensland.

"When those doing the paying are likely those least able to afford it and those enjoying the benefits are those likely to be most able to afford to meet their true costs, then something is truly wrong," the report elaborated.

The energy minister assured existing participants of the scheme that they will still be entitled to the 44 cent FIT rate - provided they continue to meet the eligibility criteria.

Posted by Charlie Moore