QCA electricity tariffs will better reflect the cost of delivering electricity, says Mark McArdle

Energy and water supply minister Mark McArdle has pledged that the upcoming determination of regulated electricity prices for the next three years will see the Queensland Competition Authority (QCA) establish tariffs that better reflect the cost of delivering electricity.

"Every Queenslander is affected by electricity price increases and it’s important to provide greater long-term certainty, especially in relation to regulated (notified) prices," said Mr McArdle today (September 6).

According to Mr McArdle, the QCA has been directed to provide annual price determinations for each of the three years inside the delegation period. It is hoped that this will allow Queensland residents and businesses to better plan ahead for the future.

Mr McArdle went on to say that the QCA will take into account several factors before making the final decision, such as how people living in the state can be better assisted in managing with the government’s electricity pricing reforms.

"The Queensland government expects the QCA to fully explain its decisions to consumers and I encourage all interested parties to actively participate in the consultation process," added Mr McArdle.

Posted by Charlie Moore