Push for focus on wind energy

Electricity prices can be subject to change, depending on market forces, competition between suppliers and developments and new technology entering the industry.

If you are considering a swap, or just shopping around to find the best deal, you may find it interesting to consider the effects that any technological developments may have on the cost and application of energy generation.

The Climate Spectator argues that Australia gets only two per cent of its energy from wind and that the price and security of electricity generation could be positively affected by increasing that figure.

The publication maintains that focussing on using wind turbines instead of fossil fuels could lead to a "buy one get one free" market - it will see job increases associated with building and maintaining the turbines, as well as energy output exponentially higher than the input required.

The paper says that Australia is a country which experiences much higher wind capacity factors than other regions which already use wind power widely, such as Denmark.

Because of this, it suggests that the benefit to Australians in the long term outweigh any current price advantages resulting from the use of cheaper - and less sustainable - fossil energy.

Posted by Charlie Moore