Public shows support for RET

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There's been no shortage of discussion surrounding the Renewable Energy Target (RET) lately, so members of the public have been asked for their views on the subject.

A report commissioned by WWF-Australia questioned people on what the future should have in store for the RET - and responses were largely positive. Carried out by ReachTEL, the study revealed that 89 per cent of people believe the RET should either be increased or maintained at its current level.

Not only this, 84 per cent of respondents think the government should be investing in renewable energy, whether it's wind or solar technology.

Of those polled, 80 per cent said they support rooftop solar, while 70 per cent believe investment should be made in large-scale solar plants. Fewer than 20 per cent of people voiced their opposition to wind farms.

WWF-Australia National Manager of Climate Change Kellie Caught said there are various reasons why it makes sense for the RET to be kept as it is.

"Cutting the Renewable Energy Target makes no sense. It will see Australia's carbon pollution go up, sustainable energy jobs lost and investment shut out," she commented.

Ms Caught also emphasised that members of the public are in support of the strategy, so changing it would go against what the wider community wants to see. Reducing the impact of climate change has far-reaching benefits, she stressed, such as protecting the environment and unique ecosystems such as the Great Barrier Reef.

The RET was put in place to ensure at least 20 per cent of Australia's energy needs are met by renewable sources by 2020. Earlier this year, the government announced that a review into the scheme would be held to determine whether these levels need to be adapted, or if the initiative should be scrapped completely.

Posted by Nikki Wilson-Everett