Preparing an energy efficient home for winter

Electricity prices are on the rise and as summer comes to a close, you may wish to start thinking about preparing your homes for winter in a way that prevents excessive consumption.

This is especially the case if you live in areas where temperatures can really plummet in the colder months - country New South Wales for example can easily get near zero during the day.

While it's still summer and quite warm, think about installing insulation in your home as it will trap the heat inside.

That being said, you should look at areas of your house that leak out air such as old seals in the doors and windows. This will prove useful for the final days of summer as the cool air will be kept in.

Whatever you can do to reduce your consumption, consider doing so as a recent survey from Make It Cheaper found 93 per cent of all respondents said they felt their bills are too high.

Managing director of Make It Cheaper Tim Wolfenden said that despite lowering bills by reducing consumption and improving efficiency, consumers should not settle.

He explained: "By simply renegotiating their current contract or switching to a new provider today, families could save as much as $300 in 2013."