Power options discussed for the Daintree

Power supply options for the Daintree have been discussed by local MPs and the Queensland energy minister in a teleconference on Monday (February 18).

Mark McArdle spoke with David Kempton, the member for Cook, and with Russell O'Doherty, the chair of the Daintree Power Committee.

The discussions followed a visit to the region by the minister, where he promised to investigate what power options are available for the area.

He explained: "New power supply choices can be presented to boost vital industries, like eco-tourism, as a result of the Newman government's repeal of the previous Daintree Power Policy."

The minister continued by explaining that under the current government, locals and businesses have the opportunity to improve their own market-driven power supply.

He elaborated by saying that this engagement with residents is a change, where previously they have either had to connect to the Ergon electricity grid or stay unconnected.

"The process of proper planning will be lengthy to ensure that the Daintree's environment remains protected, which means we don't want poles and wires swinging through the rainforest," Mr McArdle said.

But he clarified his sentiments by stating that the government would not be paying for a new energy supply in the area.

All bill payers who are unhappy with their current power deal should talk to a comparison and switching service to see what other electricity suppliers are offering.

Posted by Charlie Moore