Positive reactions to NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan

New South Wales' Energy Efficiency Action Plan has made some waves in Australia, with many environmental organisations responding in support of the measures being taken by the state to improve energy efficiency and reduce the impact electricity prices have on struggling households.

The NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan is one of the most extensive measures taken in Australia to increase energy efficiency on a state level.

The Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) was one such organisation applauding the measures the NSW government is taking to become more sustainable and ease the cost of living for its citizens.

"We applaud the NSW Government for its leadership and commitment to improving the energy efficiency of our buildings, which can help households, businesses and the government to save money, while at the same time reducing the state’s carbon footprint," said the GBCA's Advocacy Manager, Katy Dean.

Ms Dean also stated the potential for energy efficiency to save consumers billions of dollars annually - up to $5.2 billion nationwide. It has been estimated that even taking the step of retrofitting government buildings in NSW can save up to $110 million in savings throughout the next four years.

This kind of thinking aligns with the GBCA'S campaign in the lead-up to this year's federal election, where the organisation is advocating for a three-point plan with the aim of more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable buildings, communities and cities.

The three points of the plan call for the nation's leaders to provide visionary government, retrofit and improve existing buildings and move beyond simply buildings to communities and cities in the process of becoming more sustainable.

Government isn't the only sector that needs to adopt these points, however. The organisation also wants the community, business developers and owners as well as industry associations to embrace these habits. It will take team effort from a number of different industries and types of organisations to really be effective overall.

In terms of the current NSW Energy Efficiency Action Plan, Ms Dean said that the GBCA is particularly pleased with how policies and programs are prioritising green lease, funding for building upgrades and a commitment to NABERS Energy ratings for commercial buildings.

Would you like to see energy efficiency initiatives in other states and territories in Australia? Would they benefit you?

Posted by Charlie Moore