PM's $250 energy saving uncosted, McArdle says

Savings of $250 a year for energy bills, as attested to by the prime minister - are uncosted and the full details need to be released.

That's the claim by Queensland energy minister Mark McArdle, who says his state is fully examining its own report on how consumers can save.

He commented: "However, the Queensland Government is carefully scrutinising these recommendations to make sure the costings are correct.

"The prime minister proposal has none of this rigor."

The minister continued by saying his government would not head down the path of deregulation - suggesting all that will happen are increased bills to those living in the regional areas of the state.

He went on to criticise the smart meter roll out, a policy he deems to be too expensive and will cost $1 billion which he refuses to pass on to the consumer.

He mentioned: "What I am concerned about is the prime minister stacking the consumer panel with environmental and green groups, who will diminish any savings by insisting on more expensive renewable energy policies."

Should the Renewable Energy Target increase by a fraction, the savings the prime minister mentioned would evaporate instantly due to rising electricity prices.

When the state and federal ministers met in Victoria a number of weeks ago, Mr McArdle says this $250 was never mentioned.

Posted by Charlie Moore