PM discusses businesses adapting to higher electricity prices

The prime minister has told of how she is constantly talking to business owners who are re-thinking how to reduce their energy consumption.

Speaking on ABC Radio National, Julia Gillard said that with rising electricity prices from the carbon charge, she has been inspired to see how companies are being innovative.

She commented: "I talk to businesses all the time who are there exploring new ideas about how can they cut their electricity use, cut their emissions, because now they’re paying the price."

Ms Gillard added that she's been surprised how companies are becoming more innovative, citing abattoirs that are finding new ways of working and dealing with waste.

The leader of the country also talked the fact she is wary of energy consumption in the Lodge, remembering how growing up, she was required to turn off the lights when she left a room.

Additionally, Ms Gillard was told as a child to close the doors to a room that was being heated.

Such habits, she said, now carry through to her lifestyle in the prime minister's residence - but acknowledged that consumption is high, given the need for security.

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Posted by Charlie Moore