Planning for Australia Day

Australia Day is a national celebration of all the wonderful reasons to live in Australia and to be proud of being an Aussie.

Not only that, but it is a great day to recommit to making the country's future even better. One easy way to do this is to knock down your carbon footprint as well as your gas and electricity prices.

Here are some tips to help you host the perfect Australia Day party, with a minimum spend on your energy bills.

Lighting up the barbie

There is nothing more quintessentially Australian than having a barbie on Australia Day, and using these cookers will prevent you racking up bigger electricity and gas prices.

Utilising these appliances means your oven won't be used, which could heat your house up. This would mean your air conditioning unit would need to work harder to keep your house at a comfortable temperature.

If you've prepared some delicious desserts to enjoy after your meal, pop them on top of your barbecue rack to use residual heat to cook them, rather than turning your oven on.

Using entertainment systems

If you've invited a group of family or friends around to celebrate this special anniversary, you will want to provide entertainment options, whether it be ambient music or watching an Aussie film.

If you want to pop some John Farnham or Kylie Minogue on in the background, ensure you flick the switch at the wall after everyone goes home.

Stereos, like other entertainment appliances, still suck up power from the grid on standby.

In fact, standby power could amount to around 10 per cent of your household electricity use, according to the Department of Industry.

This is also something to bear in mind if you decide to celebrate the day inside watching classic Aussie films.

Another tip is to use a DVD player instead  of your games console to play movies as these use three times the amount of energy than a standalone Blu-ray or DVD player, according to the Department of Industry.

Keeping cool

With outside temperatures soaring, it is no wonder that many Aussie households will want to have their air conditioning units blasting when they celebrate this annual holiday.

Fans are an effective option to cool your guests down and do not use as much power as air conditioning units. They create a wind chill effect that helps to lower your body temperature by pushing air around the room.

You could first chill the air by using your air conditioning unit and then later use a ceiling fan to push the cold air around the room. This should see you lower your electricity prices.

Posted by Tim Wolfenden.