Partnership between Victoria and China to tackle carbon emissions

Businesses may be interested in plans to tackle climate change issues, following an announcement of a new Australian Chinese collaboration.

Innovation and small business minister Louise Asher publicised the alliance after the two companies signed a memorandum of understanding in Shanghai on September 21.

Ms Asher added that she praised both companies for their efforts.

The announcement of a new partnership between a Victorian carbon project developer named Climate Bridge and a Chinese state owned enterprise called Panjiang Coal Bed Methane (CBM) is set to help reduce carbon emissions.

"These projects will bring together Panjiang CBM's leadership in low density gas power generation and Climate Bridge's expertise in the financing of emission reduction projects," Ms Asher asserted.

Ms Asher added that it is a great example of how Victorian and Chinese companies can work in partnership to tackle greenhouse gas emissions.

The two companies are set to work together on future carbon cutting schemes. 

Ms Asher said Victoria is a hub for the Australian carbon market and it reportedly has 160 companies willing to team up with Chinese companies.

One of the aims of the collaboration is to capture fugitive methane from Chinese coal mines and use it to generate electricity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

This may provide Australia with insight into how it could reduce its own emissions and is a good reminder for households to see whether their gas supplier is carbon conscious.

Posted by Callum Fleming