Parkes Shire Council announces Solar Communities Program

Residents of Parkes, New South Wales are banding together to bring sustainable energy to the town - and hope that they can lower electricity prices in the process.

The Parkes Shire Council recently announced plans for a Solar Communities Program, with hopes of making a bulk purchase of solar photovoltaic panels.

If interest is strong enough, the panels will then be installed on local rooftops. While the council points out that residents will not be able to completely offset their bill with solar power, they will be able to save money by generating free electricity during daylight hours.

Applications are now open to anyone within 100km of the town, but residents interested in joining need to get in touch soon as applications close on June 29.

The Parkes Shire Council general manager Kent Boyd believes the initiative could benefit the whole township.

“With rising electricity costs, installing solar panels will provide a significant financial and environmental benefit to our community,” said Mr Boyd.

“We have received a lot of interest already in the scheme. It is a great opportunity to achieve a substantial saving on purchasing solar power panels.”

Parkes is already considered an important part of the scientific community, as it is home to the Parkes observatory, which was one of the antennas used to receive television images from the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Posted by Charlie Moore