Paid Parental Leave benefitting household budgets countrywide, says report

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Making a household budget that takes into account all possible monthly expenditure can be a daunting task.

When also allowing for family costs - those associated with having children in the household - the effects of changing electricity and gas prices, as well as council and water rates, can be a challenge to factor into your calculations.

For working mothers the price of childcare is also a consideration - however with the introduction of Paid Parental Leave, many women are now able to take advantage of government or employer-contributed maternity leave.

According to the Baseline Mothers Survey, before the Paid Parental Leave scheme was introduced only half of working women had access to leave entitlements - however since January 2011 that number has increased to 95 per cent.

The research showed that household financial pressures were a key factor in mothers returning to work and 59 per cent of those interviewed said they returned to work earlier than they would have liked because of money worries.

In 2013, the federal government will be extending the scope of Paid Parental Leave with the addition of Dad And Partner Pay, which will give fathers and other partners two weeks paid at the rate of the national minimum wage.

Posted by Callum Fleming