Outdoor summer games to keep the kids entertained

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Longer days and increased sunshine hours should make it easier to entertain the kids without racking up huge power bills.

But these days, it is all too easy to pop the kids in front of the telly to keep them busy. Figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics revealed that 97 per cent of all children and teenagers watch TV or videos regularly. Playing video and computer games was also another way many children spend their downtime.

How much power could be saved?

According to the South Australian government, the average 90cm plasma screen TV uses around 102 - 265kWh, which equates to somewhere between $30.60 to $79.50 on your power bill for every ten hours of use.

LCD TVs are more cost effective. A 50cm - 90cm screen only uses 25 - 131kWh over the ten hour period, which should only set you back $7.50 - $39.30.

Cutting back on TV time might mean you pay less to your electricity suppliers, giving you more to play around with or save up.

Remember, The savings on your power bill do add up and there are also other benefits of getting your kids outside and playing rather than getting square eyes. 

What can you do instead?

Organising a game of outdoor cricket will not only help them maintain a healthy weight and keep fit, but can also encourage their sense of fair play and teamwork.

Why not inspire them to have a go at tag or the old favourite hide and seek. This may also help younger children to develop their motor skills. Piggy in the middle is another game sure to be a hit with kids of all ages.

If you have a bit of time to spend, plan a treasure or scavenger hunt to get your children moving around. However, make sure they are being sunsmart with sunscreen and hats a must for outdoor play.

Being out in the sunshine will also help to boost your child's vitamin D intake, which can support their bone density by helping to absorb calcium.

It can also help aid the immune system, which can help your children ward off colds and flus.

There are plenty of fun games that do not require any electricity. So why not motivate your kids to get out into the garden rather than sitting in front of the box this summer?