Optus goes all out to attract new business

Optus is looking to overhaul its shopfronts and stores in a bid to attract new customers as competition between telcos heats up.

The company is the country's second biggest telecommunications provider and will look to open 33 new stores, while redesigning another 67.

Not only will the shops get a makeover, but the way in which customers are handled in store will be revamped, with staff adding patrons to a queue on an app, so that they can tell when a staff member is able to speak with them.

Of the redesigned stores, Rohan Ganeson, the managing director of sales, said that this is about listening to the requests and feedback from customers.

He explained: "We want interactions with Optus to exceed expectations and the feedback, both good and bad, from our pilot stores will be invaluable in helping us shape the experience for the rest of the transformation."

Optus employees will also go through new training systems in a bid to become more knowledgeable, while the focus will be on solving customer queries in store - rather than sending them to customer service.

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Posted by Eve Gillespie