NSW to debate electricity prices

Residents in New South Wales may have the chance to bring their opinions regarding the rises in electricity prices to a public forum.

The state's energy and water ombudsman Clare Petre is calling for a debate on the impact of the rises in electricity prices that the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) recommended in April, according to reports from the AAP.

Since IPART released its recommendation that power prices be increased by 16 per cent because of poles and wires spending and the carbon tax, the ombudsman's office has experienced a spike in complaints.

The state's energy minister Chris Hartcher is backing Ms Petre's move, saying that the New South Wales licence conditions are currently under review by the Australian Energy Market Commission to stop overspending by networks that could push prices up.

"The Liberal and Nationals government has implemented significant reforms to ensure electricity prices do not continue to spiral out of control," he said.

For those householders and businesses that feel they may not be getting the best deal on their energy bills, it could be a good idea to compare electricity suppliers.

Researching prices and bundles could end up saving you money and mean an easier billing process.

Posted by Charlie Moore