NSW to become more energy efficient

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New South Wales is set to become more energy efficient in light of high electricity prices as well as energy uses' effect on the environment.

Energy efficiency is a new priority for the state, now that the Energy Efficiency Action Plan was released on August 16. The most significant aims of the plan are to help households, businesses and the government save money on their power bills, and to bring down the cost of living.

"Assessment of more than 160,000 low-income households and 17,000 small to medium businesses found $5.2 billion could be saved annually," said Environment Minister Robyn Parker.

"We want to remove barriers for households and business that prevent cost-effective savings due to lack of information, skills, time or a 'hassle factor'."

Ms Parker stated that other areas where the project would have a particular focus include government service sites such as hospitals, schools and emergency services and through this, even 28 per cent of NSW's current energy use could be cut down.

Organisations such as the Clean Energy Council (CEC) have responded positively to this new government project. Chief executive of the CEC, David Green, said that many households are struggling to pay utility bills amongst other costs, and congratulated the government's effort to help these homes and businesses learn to save money by using power more efficiently.

Mr Green said that there are? many technologies and things households can easily do to save energy, however many people don't know where to begin or how to do it and this new plan will help to bridge that knowledge gap and allow families and enterprises to begin to make significant savings.

He also said that it is rare for a government to invest this level of effort into an energy efficiency initiative, so it is especially worth congratulating. The billions of dollars in potential savings as well as more positive environmental outcomes are two of the most significant benefits of the plan - but further jobs and investment in energy efficient businesses may be achieved.

To make it easier for various institutions to adopt energy efficiency measures, part of the plan will include custom advice, financial incentives to energy and appliance retailers and tradespeople, and an online calculator for households to calculate their costs and savings.

With these measures, New South Wales is now setting an example that perhaps other states and territories of Australia will pick up on and follow at some point in the future.

Posted by Charlie Moore