NSW residents opt out of Christmas displays due to electricity prices

Some New South Wales residents are choosing not to put up Christmas light displays this year due to rising electricity prices, according to one local publication.

The Tenterfield Star reported that one local family - who have won the town's Christmas display competition for the past two years running - are not going ahead with a 2011 display because of their most recent power bill.

Steve Thomas told the newspaper that while the family had cut their electricity consumption, their most recent electricity bill came in about $200 more expensive than expected.

Their Christmas display usually adds on an additional $100 to their summer bills - but Thomas worries that current electricity prices could see their usual bill triple.

Thomas said: "We were going to light up two houses this year. People come from everywhere – some from out of town - but it is just not going to happen.

"We had already started pulling the lights out, but there is no way in the world we'll be going ahead."

Summer can be an expensive time for electricity bills - particularly if you are planning to indulge in a few festive parties or put up Christmas lights.

From air-conditioners to additional fridges or freezers, you may find that your bills are higher over the December holiday season than at other times of year.

Posted by Charlie Moore