NSW residents 'making efforts to tackle rising electricity prices'

Rising electricity and gas prices may be encouraging NSW residents to examine their energy use, with a new survey revealing people in the state are becoming more environmentally friendly.   

The state government's 'Who Cares About the Environment?' study found that 98 per cent of those polled often undertook daily activities over the last year that reduced their carbon footprint.

Of these, 81 per cent regularly tried to bring down their energy consumption, while 64 per cent attempted to limit their water usage.

Sally Barnes, chief executive of the Office of Environment and Heritage, said the results are "very encouraging", with NSW residents pitching in to help tackle climate change problems.

Ms Barnes claimed one of the primary drivers for this pro-active approach could be increasing energy and gas prices.

"The importance of environmental issues in the community is always relative to other issues directly impacting people's lives in the home and in business, such as the rising cost of energy," she explained.

The chief executive stated that the report also reinforces the need for many of the government's existing programs that focus on helping businesses and communities to protect the environment and lower their energy expenditure.

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Posted by Charlie Moore