NSW gov't urges energy companies to help struggling bill payers

The New South Wales government is urging energy providers to do more to help those facing disconnections as a result of unpaid bills.

Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) data shows that more and more people are facing hardship of rising electricity prices. Energy minister Chris Hartcher has called on retailers to promote all options available to consumers which would reduce the amount of severed services.

He said: "The NSW Government remains committed to doing everything it can to help households and families struggling with rising power bills.

"I encourage any customer that is having difficulty paying their electricity and gas bills to contact their retailer to work out a payment plan."

The minister continued by saying that energy companies have to offer consumers the option of plans whereby they pay bills in instalments rather than quarterly hits. They must also take into consideration, each customer's circumstances when hashing out a system of payment.

Mr Hartcher added that energy providers are obligated to recognise bill payers who would face hardship and plan ahead so that they don't face disconnections.

The NSW government has rolled out a $210 million initiative in a bid to assist people with rising power costs, giving eligible consumers a $75 Family Energy Rebate.

Posted by Charlie Moore