NSW energy privatisation: Unions take action

As the debate surrounding changes to legislation regarding the sale of publicly-owned energy generators by the state government continue in New South Wales, people investigating offers from electricity suppliers with a view to switch may like to take those changes into account.

Whether you are looking for a new property and therefore need to initiate a new energy account or you simply want a change, Unions NSW say that prices could be affected by the privatisation plan.

The organisation has also stated that job cuts will result from the sale of those power stations, and they are now taking action with the Industrial Relations Commission.

Secretary of Unions NSW, Mark Lennon, said today (March 13) that the action comes as a result of an alleged breach of the electricity generators' workplace agreement which requires workforce consultation when any major changes are planned.

"The workers affected by the selloff have the right to consultation, and it's outrageous we need to take action in the Industrial Relations Commission to achieve something so basic," Mr Lennon asserted.

Job cuts, price rises and interruptions to power supply are the main issues that Unions NSW has identified in the proposed privatisation - a process which Mr Lennon says is still able to be reversed if the government so wishes.

Posted by Charlie Moore