NSW: Electricity prices may be affected by privatisation

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Consumers in the market for a change of energy provider, or even those just wanting to compare electricity prices, can benefit from taking into account any market news or governmental plans for energy in their state.

Recent legislative changes in New South Wales have stirred debate with some organisations saying they could have an effect on the state's industry for consumers and workers alike.

A new government bill will allow the sale of state-owned assets, including power generators, in a move which union groups are calling a breach of election commitments.

The Electrical Trades Union (ETU) has labelled the bill as "the death knell for NSW power stations", and says that it has set action in motion for the sale of public assets Eraring Energy, Macquarie Generation and Delta Electricity.

ETU spokesperson Steve Butler said: "New South Wales’ prosperity has been built on the back of a safe, reliable and affordable electricity sector that has been run by the government to benefit every single person living in NSW for more than a century."

He added that ETU and its affiliates would be fighting the legislation on behalf of the state's electricity consumers and industry employees.

"Workers at the power stations and community members across New South Wales have been fighting electricity privatisation for more than 15 years, and we are determined to continue this fight until contracts are signed," he said.

Posted by Charlie Moore