North Victoria pushes for natural gas

Councils in northern Victoria are pushing for a gas network to service the area, despite estimates that it is too costly.

Yahoo! News reports that it's been more than a decade since the Murray River Group of Councils (MRGC) began lobbying for the infrastructure.

The state government has spent $1 million on a feasibility study, but the publication reports that initial research stipulates that servicing some towns like Kerang and Swan Hill would not be feasible.

It's now being investigated whether there are cheaper ways of delivering the source to the towns involved.

The MRGC says that floods in 2010-11 meant that households were left without power for days as electricity substations weren't prepared for the deluge.

The group said: "It is now a priority for the MRGC to apply pressure to the electricity operators to ensure that substations are secured from any future inundation.

"Further investment in natural gas infrastructure between Echuca and Mildura to support industry attraction and growth in north-west Victoria is also a high priority."

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Posted by Callum Fleming