Nielsen survey reveals Australians may be softening on the carbon tax

New findings from Nielsen have indicated that Australians may be softening on the carbon tax.

The results, which were published by Fairfax today (July 30), showed that 38 per cent of respondents said they still felt they were worse off under the policy.

That number is down a significant 13 points from the last Nielsen poll on this issue, which was conducted just before the carbon tax was introduced. 

Conversely, only five per cent of the 1,400 people surveyed said they felt they were better off now than before the policy was implemented. 52 per cent of those surveyed believe the carbon tax had had no effect on their situation.

The carbon tax, which was officially implemented on July 1, has drawn a mixed response from the public due to its impact on electricity prices across the country.

Nielsen's results contrast somewhat with those released by the Climate Institute last week (July 23).

That report, entitled Climate of the Nation 2012, found only 28 per cent of respondents in support of the carbon tax despite 64 per cent agreeing that climate change is occurring.

The Climate Institute attributed those figures to misinformation which has been spread by the opposition party.

Posted by Charlie Moore