Newman government blames carbon tax for rising cost of living

The Queensland government has celebrated 100 days in power by lashing out at the Federal government's carbon tax, blaming it for rising living costs in Australia. 

"Most households are struggling under the former State Labor government’s snowballing cost of living pressures, and future cost of living expenses like electricity, gas, water, transport and waste services will be hit hard by Federal Labor’s new carbon tax," said minister for energy and water supply Mark McArdle yesterday (July 10).

However Mr McArdle also argued that, by freezing the standard residential tariff, the Newman government has helped reduce the impact of rising electricity prices on households and businesses in Queensland.

"The Newman Government is moving very quickly to protect and empower electricity consumers against energy retail companies that do not pass on the Queensland Government’s Tariff 11 subsidies," Mr McArdle added.

Queenslanders still concerned about rising electricity prices in the state might consider undergoing an electricity comparison check to ensure they are getting the best value from their electricity supplier.

The Queensland government has drawn criticism in recent weeks for closing the solar hot water rebate program that provided a financial incentive for making the switch from electric hot water to a more efficient solar hot water system.

However Mr McArdle argued on June 22 that the move was a necessary one in working towards the goal of reducing the state deficit, which currently stands at more than $52 billion.

Posted by Charlie Moore