Newcastle implements energy saving technology

A $100 million government initiative has been launched to assist in the testing and implementation of smart technologies that reduce energy consumption.

The news is welcomed by Newcastle businesses that are looking to reduce the impact of electricity prices on their bottom line.

The Smart Grid, Smart City Information Centre was launched by minister for resources and energy Martin Ferguson.

Ferguson says that the program will help reduce energy usage and the cost of electricity bills.

"Meeting peak demand is one of the biggest pressures pushing up the cost of electricity and smarter use of our appliances could help ease that pressure," he asserts.

"Smart technologies can show consumers at a glance how much energy they are using and how much it is costing them by employing new tools to choose prices and periods that may let them cut their electricity bills."

Businesses and homeowners will have access to a wealth of information on developed and emerging methods of energy reduction.

The program assists industry, local governments and consumers to work together to implement changes on a large scale - including smart meters, ceramic fuel cells and electric vehicles.