New Year's resolutions for power consumption

With 2012 recently coming to a close and 2013 now here , think about resolutions that you and your family could make that would lower your power bill - after all, electricity prices are set to keep rising.

Consider how much power you use when you watch television - it may be quite shocking, depending on your viewing habits.

If your family tends to spend a lot of time enjoying the TV  try to reduce it to off-peak periods or watch less overall.

Instead of consuming television, why not go to the beach or park? At night time, think about reading or playing cards or another family activity that is much less energy intensive.

Consider making a pledge to reduce the length of your showers in a bid to cut down on the amount of energy the household goes through. Also, make it a habit within your home to turn off lights to prevent wastage.

All these things sound tedious but they add up over a long period of time.

But if you are unhappy with your energy provider, talk to a comparison and switching service to investigate whether there is a better deal out there for you. They can ensure that you are getting the best price for power.

Posted by Charlie Moore