New solar research funding

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Solar power is looking to be gaining traction as a major energy provider in Australia as traditional electricity prices rise and drive consumers to look elsewhere.

The government has announced that through the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) it will be providing 25 solar researchers with funding to help them pursue their research.

Areas of solar research will focus primarily on helping to make solar technology cheaper and more accessible to consumers, with many of the investigations focusing specifically on solar cells and how to make them more efficient and less costly.

"The fellowships will help build the skills and capabilities of mid-career solar researchers at institutions around the country to become the next generation of world-leading Australian researchers," said Gary Gray, minister for resources and energy.

"From projects investigating techniques to reduce the cost of highly efficient common silicon solar cells to projects looking at ways to improve the efficiency of low cost organic solar cells, these researchers are exploring what could be game changers for the solar industry."

If solar power could become even cheaper, it is likely more households would uptake the option and this would provide some relief to the traditional energy network and avoid or delay costly upgrades on poles and wires.

Posted by Charlie Moore