New resources advisory council to aid sustainability in Vic

The announcement of a new body to lead sustainable development in Victoria may be of interest to homeowners.

State energy and resources minister Michael O'Brien outlined the details of the Earth Resources Ministerial Advisory Council at the Melbourne Resources Round Up conference yesterday (September 26).

"The government is committed to the responsible development of our mining and extractives industries, working closely with landholders and communities, and adding to, not detracting from, local economies and employment," Mr O'Brien said.

The council's primary objective is to act as an adviser for the state government on sustainable development in the resources sector.

Keeping track of sustainability developments in the state could be a good reminder for households to monitor their own energy consumption.

Furthermore, it may be an opportune time to check how important sustainable resource development is to their electricity supplier.

Council members will include participants from local government, farmers, landholders and mining industry personnel as well as sustainability experts. 

The resources advisory board will identify potential issues and offer the government some possible solutions. 

Mr O'Brien noted that the government needs to be proactive in protecting our mines, gas reserves and quarries.

"As a government and as a community we need to continue to look for and develop new sources of minerals, rock and natural gas if we are to maintain our standard of living," the minister concluded.