New fridge can ease electricity burden

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If you have made a new year's resolution to cut down on your power bill, replacing your refrigerator is a good place to start.

The Australian government estimates that white goods and appliances - including your fridge and washing machine - are responsible for up to 30 per cent of household energy consumption.

Luckily, with comprehensive energy labels showcasing exactly how much electricity a new fridge will consume, the process of choosing an eco-friendly model needn't be too challenging.

It is worth considering the fact that over time, the running costs of your new fridge may exceed its initial purchase price, so it may be better thinking about your appliance in the context of lower electricity bills than as a one-off investment.

In Australia, white goods are rated on an easy-to-understand star system - the more stars your appliance has, the more efficient it is likely to be.

But the energy savings don't stop once you've purchased your new appliance - ensuring you use it in the most efficient way can also help you to cut down on the amount you pay for electricity.

A representative from Tweed Shire Council told the Tweed Daily News that ensuring your fridge is full can help it run at its best.

"More mass in the fridge reduces the amount of cold air escaping when you open the door," the spokesman said, adding that filling your freezer or fridge with bottles of water is an easy -and free - way to add some extra weight.

Posted by Charlie Moore