New Environment Quality Laboratory opened at University of Sydney

The federal government is hoping that a new laboratory at the University of Sydney will encourage more architects and builders to think about energy efficiency when constructing buildings in Australia.

Minister for climate change and energy efficiency Greg Combet officially opened the Indoor Environment Quality Laboratory on Friday (August 31), noting that the construction industry would play an important part in ensuring a clean energy future.

"This transition [to a clean energy future] is creating opportunities in renewable energy, low-emissions technologies and processes, and new services that will be in high demand in a competitive low-pollution economy," said Mr Combet.

The Australian government has made clean energy a priority in recent months, most prominently through the carbon tax legislation which has contributed to rising electricity prices throughout Australia.

According to Mr Combet, this new facility will now allow Australian industries to assess the energy efficiency of buildings and vehicles - such as cars, trains, busses and planes - before they are even built.

"This facility will also give governments the technical resources to test energy efficiency and indoor quality measurement systems that are embedded into the National Australian Built Environment Rating System," added Mr Combet.

Posted by Charlie Moore