New deal makes access to solar power technology easier

Homeowners interested in developments in solar panel technology may be keen to hear about an Australian investment which may increase the usability of solar power.

An announcement from energy and resources minister Martin Ferguson yesterday (September 24) confirms that the Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund has invested $1.5 million into a solar project which is part of a $2.5 million commitment to Queensland company Brisbane Materials.

This financial investment will assist Brisbane Materials to develop the anti-reflective coatings, which will be applied to the solar panels and will make them more efficient and cost effective.

"These funds will provide the Australian company with the best chance of capturing a significant share of the global market by delivering important improvements on solar technology," Mr Ferguson added.

The energy fund falls under the Australian government's renewable energy venture capital fund.

"Southern Cross Venture Partners has helped secure matched international investment in an Australian innovation that draws on world leading technology developed at the University of Queensland," the minister said.

The use of solar power technology may be worth investigating further if your household is looking for ways to reduce your electricity costs.

Another way of reducing costs may be to compare electricity suppliers to see if you may be able to get a better deal.

Posted by Charlie Moore